Now Available: Early 2011 Sock Club Patterns

Four patterns from last year’s Sock Club are now available to non-club members.

From February 2011, Ripple Leaf and Haleakala were inspired by a trip to Maui full of amazing experiences like paragliding down Haleakala (a MUST if you go). The fantasically scrummilicious String Theory Caper Sock is heaven to knit. Onto the socks.

Ripple Leaf

The Ripple Leaf pattern combines earth and sea elements reminiscent of waves and leaves. Depending on your perspective, you’ll see the ocean or forest or both. Because travel has been a large part of my life, these socks include a traveling component across the top of the foot of the sock after which they transition to stockinette. Perhaps this is my way of wishing for the simple life in the future.


There are two versions to this pattern – Straight Laced and Twisted. The Straight Laced pattern features a panel that continues from the top of the foot to the toe. The Twisted version has traveling ribs that begin at the heel flap and travel across the top of the foot.


And from April 2011, featuring Lorna’s Laces Solemate, are Boysenberry Yo and PB & J:

Boysenberry Yo

The Boysenberry Yo socks are my own sort of triple word play. For starters, yo is the abbreviation for yarnover, and there are a lot of them in these socks. The name Boysenberry Yo is also a shortened form of boysenberry yogurt, one of my childhood favorites. And of course, I love to say Yo.

I don’t know if I actually preferred the flavor of boysenberries, but I know I liked the sound of them.


PB & J

The PB&J socks feature two twisted stitch cabled panels, one that reminds me of spreading peanut butter and another that looks like berries. They travel around the sock and cross over one another, but they never actually mix. My confession: I never liked peanut butter and jam together. Separately, absolutely, but never the two should mix for me.

Keep your eyes peeled in mid- June for the release of two more patterns from last year’s club: Orange Pekoe and Jubilee.

Also, we have winners from last week’s blog giveaway! Roopali wins a copy of Contemporary Irish Knits, and Barbara A wins a copy of Little Red in the City.

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