Now Available: Nanaimo and Turbulence

The sock patterns from the April 2012 Cookie A Sock Club, Nanaimo and Turbulence, are now available for purchase! Inspired by the seashore, these two patterns reflect two opposing aspects of coastal life: simplicity and calm, versus the brewing current underneath the sea. Nanaimo and Turbulence are knit in Socktopus Sokkusu Original, a fine yarn with a great twist that really shows off  fancy stitch patterning.

The Nanaimo socks are simple and cozy, with the left and right socks mirroring one another. The knit and purl pattern is nice and calming and perfect for gift knitting for men and women who don’t like too much fuss.



The Turbulence socks are also mirrored and have lots of fancy stitchwork and patterning that somehow comes together in an orderly fashion. Twisted stitches, yarnovers, strange pass over eyelets, cables, you name it—many of the knitting creatures from under the sea are represented here. The stitches in the Turbulence socks intertwine and wrap around each other, creating a sort of order out of chaos.




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