Harbor Bar socks

Here is my latest pattern, Harbor Bar, from the new Quince and Co. collection, Socks: Book One. The book contains two other sock patterns, by Michele Wang and Star Athena.

Harbor Bar

Harbor Bar features an unusual stranded colorwork pattern in three colors of Quince and Co. Finch. If you think you’re seeing some of the stranding on the outside of the sock… you’re right. Working the reversed stranding is simple – just flip the sock inside out! These socks feature an afterthought heel instead of my typical heel flap and turn, to show off the contrast heels and toes.

These socks were inspired by one of my husband’s stranded colorwork sweaters (he has surprisingly interesting knitwear for a man) which has a simple geometric pattern. I noticed that I liked the floats on the “wrong side” just as much as the right side of the work.

For Harbor Bar, I’ve combined using colorwork the usual way with “inside out” colorwork where the strands face outward. This gives the fabric a textural component you don’t often see with stranded colorwork. The pattern is a very simple diagonal stripe repeat that is worked the same for the right side and the inside out stripes.

Here’s to trying something a little different with your socks.

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