Sock club sign ups open

I’m happy to announce a new sock club for 2011 combining two of my favorite things: baking cookies and knitting socks.

I’ll be doing 6 shipments of yarn, 12 top-down sock patterns, and 12 cookie recipes for a sock-along bake-along. For more details see the club page.

There’s also a special offer for $50 off if you join both the Cookie A sock club and either of Janel Laidman’s two sock clubs.

As for my whack hair cut, I never did get a good picture of it when it was all straight and flat-ironed. I’m still on the fence about how whack it really is. I was kind of hoping some of my hair would be shaved off, but alas it’s  short but all mostly there. My mom would be relieved.

One Response to “Sock club sign ups open”

  1. orielle says:

    Cookie…is sock club full? I thought you mentioned at stitches that we should join? It was great by the way! Loved the class!!