Knit Nation

So after arriving in London and having a blast prepping with Alice, Knit Nation finally came together. The teachers began arriving early on Wednesday morning. Here is Clara Parkes of Knitter’s Review looking fairly jolly not too long after having gotten off the plane.


On Thursday, we went on a little tour of the Victoria & Albert Museum led by the illustrious Judith MacKenzie who I could listen to all day long. (Apologies for the bad photos, but I forgot my camera, so they are all taken with my phone.)


One of the highlights was this knitted christening gown from the World’s Fair. I admit I don’t quite remember why the gown was connected to the World’s Fair, but it was stunning.


After a short break, we headed to an afternoon champagne tea where I was too busy chowing down to take many photos. (Julie Weisenberger AKA CocoKnits in the background there.)

Champagne at tea

On Friday, classes began and the vendors began setting up their booths in the marketplace. I used my connections to sneak in and take some photos.

Takako from Habu sorted through all her little piles of yarn.



Tilly Flop Designs had some lovely knit themed cards.


Juno Fibre Arts had some gorgeous yarns out.

Juno Fibre Arts

Atomic Knitting had ADORABLE tape measures.

Atomic Knitting

GMC were pre-selling Alice’s upcoming book. I’ve pre-ordered mine through Amazon and can’t wait! I got to leaf through Alice’s proofs at her flat, and it’s beautiful.

Socktopus book

And while set-up was happening in the market place, the teachers were teaching. Susanna Hansson and Lene Alve were always so cheerful. Someday I’ll have the time at an event to take one of their classes.

Susanna and Lene

I taught Knitting off the Grid and somehow convinced my students to pose with socks on their hands. Heehee.

Knitting off the Grid

Over the weekend, more knitting happened. I spotted these clever London-themed project bags at The Bothered Owl.

The Bothered Owl

Renaissance Dyeing who hailed from France had an amazing display to show off their wide array of naturally dyed yarns.

Renaissance Dyeing

I was really excited to see Twisted Angle because I’d heard of the magazine but wasn’t sure what the content was like. I got a chance to pick up some back issues and leaf through them. The magazine is fashion-forward and showcases what’s new in knitwear from the runway. I’ll have to do a more in depth write-up about it after all this crazy traveling ends.

Twisted Angle

Oh dear, this post is getting ridiculously long, and I have to pack for my flight tomorrow. There is much more to come, but for now I want to thank our sponsors Ysolda and Knitting Magazine for making Knit Nation possible. And, very sadly, I don’t have photos from the charity bingo on Saturday night (was too busy having fun!), but I definitely want to thank the sponsors who helped us raise money for Refuge: The Knitter Magazine, Knitspot, The Little Knitting Company, Old Maiden Aunt, Signature Needle Arts, and Collins & Brown. We really couldn’t have done it without help.

And last, but certainly not least, the crew was FANTASTIC. I will snag a photo from Alice of the awesome crew for the next post.

3 Responses to “Knit Nation”

  1. Sonya says:

    It looks like an amazing time!

  2. Teenuh says:

    Omg the tape measures are adorable! And those London themed bags are so awesome. That sweater from Renaissance Dyeing is so gorgeous! Looks like you had a great time! I hope you are going to do it again, I have to figure out a way to come see it in person and not have to just live vicariously through your pictures. 🙂

  3. Carolenj says:

    Lovely memories 🙂