Shapes + Form available on Ravelry

Shapes + Form is now available through Ravelry! You can buy the whole collection for $18 or purchase patterns individually.

Cookie A Knitwear Volume 1: Shapes + Form

Here’s the introduction which I think sums it up pretty well:

This is my first foray into publishing sized garment patterns, though I’m certainly not new to sweater knitting. Those who are familiar with my sock patterns may be surprised by this collection at first glance. The majority of my knitwear design so far has been socks, and the design features usually focus on texture. On closer inspection, the same principles that I enjoy applying to socks are also applicable to sweaters: Taking pieces and fitting them together like a puzzle to form a functional whole.

Socks are different from garments in that there is not much room to change the form of a sock—at the end of the day, the sock still has to fit on a foot. Garments on the other hand are less restrictive in form. As long as there are holes for the arms and the piece can drape around the body, there is actually a great deal of leeway in what constitutes a pullover or cardigan. Instead of fitting a texture onto a rigid form, I experimented with taking shapes and using them in unusual ways to create forms that could still be worn as garments.

Being mathematically inclined, I borrowed concepts from geometry, algebra and topology. Some are fairly straightforward in their meaning. Parallelogram is a scarf or shawl pattern with a parallelogram shape, Rectangle is a rectangle with two holes to form a draped and textured vest., and Conic has cone shaped sleeves-. Cylinder and Quotient both borrow from topology and the concept of “glueing” flat pieces into 3-dimensional ones in much the same way that Möbius strips and Klein bottles are formed.

There are 13 patterns in the booklet—8 garments and 5 accessories patterns. Some of the accessories patterns use the same textures and yarn as garment patterns found elsewhere in the collection and were originally intended as leftover yarn projects. Some of the yarns used for the garments come in very generously sized skeins, and you may find yourself with a decent amount leftover.

Here’s a look at some of the patterns and Laura Kicey’s awesome photography. This is Parallelogram (Ravelry link) which is… a parallelogram. There are two sizes: a narrower scarf version and the shawl shown. It’s knitted from tip to tip using a welted knit / purl diamond pattern.

This is one of my favorite photos. Slant (Ravelry link) is a great leftover yarn project worked in Miss Babs Yowza:

And Conic seems to be a runaway favorite so far. I am going to admit something too… The smallest size is shown and it barely used just over 2 skeins of Malabrigo Sock yarn, weighing in at 203g. Of course, I added extra yardage to the pattern Just In Case, but I thought you should know that if you are that size, you could probably get a whole pair of socks too. Or maybe shorten the sleeves just a smidge to get it out of two skeins.

I’m hoping to round up some friends this week to take photos of the sweaters on “real people” to show how the fit varies with body shape, since I know that’s always a concern. Yay, sweaters!

7 Responses to “Shapes + Form available on Ravelry”

  1. Judy says:

    The models are great – but REAL people – hooray!! Hopefully, you are like me and will have friends in a variety of sizes, ages, and shapes. Love the patterns. Thanks so much.

  2. Rani says:

    Wow and congratulations! That is a huge accomplishment. Can’t wait to browse the patterns.

  3. nanarose knits says:

    Would really love to see this collection in book form rather than ebook…not all of us have a computer…i only have phone…

  4. Mia says:

    You’ve outdone yourself, what an amazing, stunning collection! I love it and the yarns you’ve chosen. Congratulations!

  5. Teenuh says:

    These are awesome, Cookie! Let me know if you can use me as a model. 🙂

  6. Chantelle says:

    These are sooooo beautiful!

  7. SANDRA says: