Almost ready for Kilimanjaro

I’ve barely taken any photos since we landed in the Maldives 3 weeks ago. It looks just like every photo you see on the internet, absolutely no need to Photoshop.


Unfortunately it’s been ridiculously humid, so knitting had been minimal. I did start a pair of socks as part of the catch up kal on Ravelry, but have barely made it past the cuff (a little farther than in the photo). I’m using the fabulous Plucky Knitter Plucky Feet yarn from the 2014 club and the Reykjavik pattern.


I forced Mr. A to take some scuba diving courses and we’ve spent the past 2 weeks on a boat diving multiple times every day. It was amazing! Lots of Manta rays, eels, sharks (seriously tons, but the super cute ones not the scary ones I swear), octopi, stingrays, coral and tiny amazing creatures of the sea like nudibranches which I’m getting better at spotting. The crew on the boat was amazing, including our Maldivian Rastafarian dive master Jahvid.


Now we are back on land but Mr. A swears the ground keeps rocking. I finished a hat on the plane ride over weeks ago but just seamed in the ends in time to leave for Kilimanjaro tomorrow. I hope it makes it to the summit!


I’m hoping to make progress on the socks and finish then in time to wear on the summit. Tomorrow we have a very long layover in Dubai and are planning to head to the Burj Khalifa.

2 Responses to “Almost ready for Kilimanjaro”

  1. Karen Fox says:


    I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro a little over 5 years ago, what a great experience! Pole, Pole (po-lay)….you might hear that quite often! Enjoy! I hope you planned a safari as well!


  2. Susan Anderson says:

    Pole Pole for sure. Be the first one out of camp and the LAST ONE IN. Never rush and drink lots of water. Enjoy every step and every different landscape you cover. The moon will help when you start the night climb to the top. I completed it when I was 57 years old. Many of the younger ones have the most trouble because they don’t go slow enough. Have FUN no matter what! Great life time experience just setting foot on Kilimanjaro and beautiful Tanzania. Making it to the top of not you are having a experience most in the world will never get to try. ENJOY Cookie A!