Twitterverse, fizzies

I’ve joined the twitterverse as cookieaknitwear. Follow me there if you don’t have enough Cookie A in your life already.

The in-laws are visiting, and we’re going to Sonoma and Napa over the next few days for a food and wine extravaganza. Mmmmm! Until then, I’ll leave you with a picture of bath bombs that I made. We had a little fizzy themed party to make bath bombs and drink mimosas. I didn’t get any pics this time, but Bogie did.

Bath Bombs

Everything looks better in an Ikea container

3 Responses to “Twitterverse, fizzies”

  1. Hee, I saw Lisa’s bath-bomb making pics on FB. Hope you stay dry this weekend.

  2. Janice says:

    I was wondering what was driving traffic to my blog. Now I know! lol I’m looking forward to tossing the first one into the tub.

  3. skeindalous says:

    WHAT is that great jar with the bath bombs in it? I tried the Ikea site and could find nothing like it.