Books are in!

The books arrived quite a bit earlier than I was expecting! Unfortunately, I was in LA over the weekend and haven’t begun shipping yet. If you’re a local yarn shop owner in the US, you can order the book from Unicorn Books. They’ve already begun shipping. If you’re a shop owner outside the US, you can order from SearchPress in the EU (they also ship to Australia) and Gemini Fibres in Canada.

A word of warning to Canadians: I have no idea how Knit. Sock. Love. made it onto It’s possible that is shipping from their US warehouses to the Canadian warehouses, but I don’t understand why the product descriptions don’t match. I’ve tried to contact them to see what their source for getting the books is, but they haven’t responded. I am a bit worried that they won’t be getting the book and some Canadians may be left wondering where their order is. If you’re not in a rush to get it, you can wait it out and see what happens. (I’m very curious!) Otherwise, I recommend ordering from the shop or from your local yarn shop.

Here are the books in their boxes.

Books in boxes

Neatly packed in boxes

I ran around and picked up as many of these envelopes as I could from nearby post offices. My order of envelopes shouldn’t arrive until later.


A bit short on envelopes

And to keep the books safe for their travels around the world, I got some padding. This pile is bigger than me!


Fluffy goodness I just want to jump on

Ok, I’m off to prepare books to begin shipping tomorrow. If you ordered the book from the shop, shipping details will be emailed 2-3 days before your book is set to ship, and if there’s an error you can follow the link in the email to give a corrected address. I’m shipping out books in the order they were received, and unfortunately I can only ship a small number per day until I get my shipment of envelopes from the post office. I didn’t expect the books to arrive so early!

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  1. Amy says:

    Yay for books! It’s a bit “unfortunate” that they caught you off guard, but still so very exciting. 😀