Hex and Slide

Welcome to October! Two more patterns – Hex and Slide – from last year’s sock club are now available.

Autumn was my favorite season when I lived in the Midwest. The brisk weather and color changes are invigorating, but for this shipment’s theme I went a different direction. I know for many it is the start of gift-knitting season, so this installment was a “man-issue” of sorts featuring many men’s favorite color: grey.

For the patterns, I wanted something simple that my husband might actually wear. Both patterns play on geometry.

The Hex socks feature a hexagonal pattern all over the leg that transitions into plain stockinette on the foot that my husband definitely approves. One of our favorite tools is the hex bit for our drill which we’ve used a LOT to assemble furniture over the years. So consider this also an ode to Ikea!


The Slide socks are a traveling rib sock that angles the rib down the leg and the foot, just like a playground slide. These were inspired by the color of the yarn. I love the simplicity of these, and of course the pair is mirrored.


The yarn I chose is Fleece Artist Sea Wool which hails from Canada. When I began knitting socks, the first pair that I knit and actually liked was made with Fleece Artist merino sock yarn. Those socks traveled with me to Canada, Turkey, Alaska, England, and Iceland. I really wanted to use a Fleece Artist yarn this year and decided on Sea Wool, a Seacell blend.

What is Seacell? It’s a fiber that’s created from seaweed, similar to how rayon is created using other plant fibers and bamboo rayon is made using fiber from bamboo plants. It has a sheen that I think goes very well with the pewter color of the yarn.

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  1. brandi says:

    I love the patterning on both these socks!!!