Munch Hoodie Vest

When Kristine from A Verb For Keeping Warm asked me to design something for her Pro-Verbial club, I jumped on the bandwagon! She is always telling me that I dress like an Expressionist with weird hoodie vest things that drape and look odd. For the club, I decided to tone myself down a little bit and go a somewhat prettier route with a lacy hoodie vest that makes the most out of the yardage of the yarn. The Munch Hoodie Vest (named after the Edvard Munch) is worked in Reliquary II, a lovely naturally dyed laceweight merino-silk 2ply. The brown color is perfect for autumn.

The construction is kind of interesting, starting with the lace panel at the bottom edge, then picked up for the back, then continuing the lace panel from the right front to create an armhole. The panel and back are joined to work the hood which is shaped kind of like a heel turn, then the edge panel is worked all the way around the remaining parts to make the left armhole and the end is seamed to the beginning. Armholes and edges are picked up and worked in ribbing in the round. Did that sound confusing? I made diagrams in the pattern that don’t sound nearly so confusing, I promise!


The pattern is exclusive to the Pro-Verbial club for 6 months and will be available to non-members in April, 2013.

One Response to “Munch Hoodie Vest”

  1. brandi says:

    cute accessory item!!!